Our Story

Founded in the mid-90’s, MCI embarked on the first of many projects with just three men, Jeff Gentry and two loyal masons. Now in it’s third decade, MCI has successfully completed over a thousand projects with specialized teams. Today the MCI name is proudly partnered with some of the finest builders in Northern California and the Central Coast. MCI’s highly skilled labor force and experienced leadership team has earned them the distinct privilege of participating on multi-million dollar homes, historical landmarks, extensive earth-quake restoration, and wineries throughout California.

Jeff Gentry

With more than thirty years in the masonry business, Jeff Gentry has participated in a range of masonry projects varying from commercial and institutional to residential.  Jeff began his career in the masonry business in the early 80’s as a laborer working as a brick tender (masonry Sherpa) under skilled craftsman and family. Jeff quickly moved up the ranks to an onsite foreman and eventually became partner in the family masonry business. Jeff’s strong work ethic and ability to manage multiple projects on time and on budget paved the way to starting his own company, Masonry Contractor Installers (MCI).